Dindo’s Story

Dane du Plessis, spiritual worker of Biblia Harbour Mission (Seafarers) in Cape Town, shares the following witness story: “I met a few Filipinos in January and befriended a man by the name of Dindo, a 34 year old Filipino, who has been at sea for the last three years. Fishing is all he knows, and all he has ever done.

“Recently I received a visit from him and some of the crew, explaining to me that they were last paid in August last year, and also that they lack food and daily necessities because he and the entire crew sent their pay to their families as soon as they received it last year,” Dane says.

“Some of the crew have been on the vessel for seven years. The owners keep promising them an increase in their savings if they stay, bribing them this way to keep them on board the vessel. The problem is they only receive their salaries once a year and their savings once every three years,” Dane explains. “In the interim, Dindo and the crew asked me for some dry bread while they docked here at Cape Town harbour, which they said would fill them for the day, as all they had was some rice.

“I spoke to MTS (Mission to Seafarers), and we agreed to provide them with some food for the day. I decided to take it one step further and informed the ITF (International Transport Federation). The agent, ITF, consulate and I, sat together along with the crew and are hoping to amend their contract so that they will be paid quarterly instead of once a year. Dindo hopes to be reunited with his family in the Philippines in October this year.”

We appreciate the trouble you take to protect mistreated seafarers, Dane. May God bless your good work.

Contact Dane du Plessis at duplessisdane@yahoo.com for more information.