Biblia witnesses in Riversdal

Veronika, little Rubina, Rev. Beyers and Marvin Petersen.

The week of prayer at the NGKerk Riversdal-Wes was held from the 21st till the 24th of January under the title “Hope changes everything”. Rev. Deon Beyers invited different guest speakers to share their testimony and encourage the congregation to rely on God and trust in Him in times of hopelessness. Marvin Petersen of Biblia Kalk Bay was one of the guest speakers who came to share his testimony and to present the work that he is doing at the Biblia Kiosk.

After a very warm welcome by Rev. Deon Beyers and his congregation, Marvin spoke about his personal testimony and shared how God saved him from a life trapped in drugs and among the wrong crowd. It is at the very moment when we accept that we cannot do things in our own strength that we allow God to do the impossible. From a life of drugs God led Marvin to study theology and to go into full-time ministry. At Biblia in Kalk Bay Marvin ministers to many people who are still there where he once was. But there is always hope in God!

After Marvin’s testimony and presentation of Biblia’s work in Kalk Bay the congregation was able to ask further questions. One question was concerning the fisherman quotas. People here have heard about the difficulties that the Kalk Bay fishermen face regarding their permits. Many other conversations followed after the service as the congregation was truly blessed and encouraged from the work that God did in Marvin’s life.

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