Industrial Ministry in Stilbaai-Jongensfontein ignites!

Industrial Ministry Stilbaai started in 1995  as a result of Danie Rabe’s initiative and is currently being managed by Christo Prins. They minister to 18 meeting points and reach between 90 and 100 people.

Christo tells us, “We receive many testimonies from employers and employees regarding what the messages mean to them. Many feel that these meetings/gatherings are absolutely essential seeing as there is always conflict in any work environment. There are also many of the people whose circumstances make it impossible for them to attend a church service on Sundays and thus they really value these messages. We also receive many prayer requests.

“We always have a shortage of volunteers. Stilbaai is a rapidly growing town and more and more businesses are being established. Our goal is to double our number of meeting points in 2018. We have already entered into discussions with other churches (e.g. AFM, Baptist church, United Church, our sister church: URCSA etc.) so that we can work together to approach more businesses and pray for volunteers. We want to work together as a community to spread His Word. We are also planning an inter-church management of Industrial Ministry in Stilbaai.

“We simply sow the seed; the Lord provides the seed and lets it grow (2 Cor 9:10).”


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