Staff Support Programme

Target group:          

Individual and small groups of employers and employees who are interdependent on one another in order to run a successful business. It is meant for smaller firms who cannot afford these kind of programmes in the open market.


About this programme:       

Professional services are rendered in the following fields:

  • Financial Self-management

How to understand the economy

The role of productivity in entrepreneurial success

How to understand contracts

The necessity of a household budget

The importance of a legal testament


  • Emotional Self-management

How stress develops and how to deal with it

Conflict in the workplace and at home and how to deal with it

Master good communication skills

How to build good relationships


  • Personal Self-management

Your personality preference

Build a better self-image

Develop your emotional intelligence

Plan your daily life program

The solution starts with you


Duration:   Our professional partners are available for one hour per week to offer this programme.

Cost:             If more time is needed for a specific facet, an affordable price can be negotiated with our partners.

Contact:      Betsie Fourie at 044 884 1404 /