Bright Star Programme

Target group:        All working people and their families.


About this programme:

It is a personal and leadership development programme consisting of 3 modules aimed at developing skills for living a balanced and
meaningful life.


Contents of this programme:

  • Module 1 – BRILLIANT SELF

Control –determine who or what controls your life

Values – determine your five most important personal values

Life-Purpose – verbalise your life-purpose

Self Worth – develop your own self-image statements

Priorities – prioritise action plans to achieve your life-purpose



Lemon – understand different behavioural styles

Emotional control – learn methods to control your emotions

Communication – master this tool that dramatically influences your success

Conflict resolution – discover how to keep the argument out of the disagreement

Assertiveness – establish boundaries



Strategist – a brilliant leader know that excellent planning leads to success

Role Model – a brilliant leader sets an example to others

Team Builder – a brilliant leader knows how to be a team player

Motivator – a brilliant leader knows how to energise others

Empower – a brilliant leader empowers his team



Duration:              3 to 4 days (this can be customised to suit the needs of the attendees)

Cost:                        This can be discussed / negotiated.

Contact:                 Carin Brink at 021 952 1531 /