We farm for the Lord!

George Kuyler, a farmer of a dairy farm, Platrug, close to George, and his employees have been doing a discipleship course for the past five years, and together they are seeking the will of the Lord in their everyday life – both employer and employee.

This was after George realised that he had to seek much deeper for God’s will; to allow other people to minister to his staff on the farm wasn’t enough – hé also had to be ministered to and become involved, together with the rest of the staff.

Five years ago they started doing a Bible study course on Thursday evenings. Samuel Juba, Johannes Hektoor and Ronnie Melani assisted them with it and it has changed their lives drastically.

There is now also a group of 17 people (14 Xhosa and 3 Afrikaans speakers) who meets on Tuesday evenings.

Photo: George Kuyler with two employees, Marius Booysen en Tinus Frans


Contact George Kuyler at snr@kuyler.co.za for more information.