A Way Out of Abuse

Photo: Veronika Petersen (right), Marvin’s wife, counseling Janine (left)


“Janine and her 2-year-old daughter, Mikhala, have been coming to our food distribution outreach service for several months now. We have had many opportunities to counsel, pray and encourage her to trust in God,” says Marvin Petersen, pastoral worker at Biblia Kalk Bay.

“Janine, a former drug addict and prostitute, has a very sad story. She ran away from an abusive stepfather at the age of 13 and has lived on the streets of Cape Town since then.

“After a while she reached a point in her life where she had had enough of the life she had been living and desired a better life for her unborn child. She decided to stop using drugs when she got pregnant and has been able to remain clean.

“Her long-term boyfriend, however, still used and abused her physically. A few weeks ago Janine came to us with a blue eye. Her boyfriend had beaten her again – this time until she was unconscious. All this happened in front of their daughter; she woke up in hospital.

“Our prayer and heart’s desire was to help Janine find a way out of her abusive life and to give her the opportunity to offer Mikhala a better life.

“We contacted The Safe House in Fish Hoek and thank God that they were willing to accommodate Janine and her daughter. We thank God that our prayers have been answered and that Janine and Mikhala can soon begin a new chapter in their lives that is free of abuse and that has God in it.”


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