Biblia Harbour Mission

Donated beanies for Biblia at Kalk Bay


The harbours of Saldanha Bay, Kalk Bay, Hout Bay, Cape Town and Mossel Bay are gateways to the world at large – to other countries, continents and remote islands.


Bibles, Scriptures and other spiritual literature and resources are available to seamen from the Biblia-kiosks in the harbours. Ships are visited to share the Good News with the crew and to support and assist them in unforeseen circumstances at

  • Saldanha Bay
  • Cape Town


Spiritual workers reach out to people within the harbour environment in

  • Kalk Bay
  • Hout Bay and
  • Mossel Bay

We have a friendship evangelism approach in building relationships with local fishers and their families. This holistic approach focuses on counselling, providing aid and relief where needed and networking with churches, schools, shelters and other humanitarian organizations.

Biblia is a blessing to their communities. Read more about this here.