Be a blessing to your community

PHOTO: An outreach service at the Kalk Bay Community Church with Deacon Brett preaching (left) and Derek, the fisherman (right).


How can a person in need praise God when nobody reaches out to him or her? Marvin Petersen, pastoral worker at Biblia Kalk Bay, gives his testimony of how they realized they can make a difference in people’s lives through their actions.

Marvin is very excited about the outreach service for the poor and homeless held at Kalk Bay Community Church. This outreach service was initiated three years ago and takes place on Sunday mornings: “We receive a weekly food donation from a local Spar and distribute food parcels to 30 to 40 needy people that come to seek help for their daily survival.

“One Sunday some people said that the food helped them to put something on the table for up to three days. It is such a joy for us that we are able to feed the people (physically with food parcels and spiritually through preaching the Word of God), as we strongly believe that man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

Marvin also shares with us the story of the fisherman, Derek, a regular visitor at the Biblia Kiosk whom he previously assisted to get his ID, “The only profession that Derek knows is fishing and it is also the only way that he can generate income with which to put food on the table for his three children.

“Recently, Derek got so sick that he was unable to go out to sea and catch fish. His problematic health condition left him with no means to provide for his family.

“We thank God that we were able to help Derek get his ID so that he can now receive a grant that helps him to support his family.

“It is our heart’s desire to see the hearts and lives of the poor and needy be changed by the love of God. We pray that God will continue to uphold this ministry and draw these people closer to Him.”


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