IMPAK Hybrid

COVID-19 and the lockdowns did not stop us at IMPAK. It just slowed us down for a while. We used this as an opportunity to do IMSA National’s online Think Tank (4-sessions). Re-thinking and taking co-responsibility for what is happening with and around us to our client-sector, helped us to adjust. We decided to put the feeling of being the victim behind us and started acting as a team with a vision again.

One mobile phone App (blue marker – see on the map above) and cooperative teamwork, not only sparked an ongoing service to our current clients (red markers on the map) but far beyond our traditional client sector as you will see on the map below. We entered the new norm of the Hybrid World, that of being with one another where we can and to connect online when and where we cannot be with one another:

The IMPAK Hybrid services have grown since 2017 (when it was launched) into a full-fledged specialized service that the ministry, IMPAK, provides on behalf of IMSA (Industrial Ministry). It has 25 Apps that have been developed for congregations (most outside the Dutch Reformed Church), Christian organizations and businesses. It is still growing and everyone is welcome to contact us for an App.