Food parcels handed out in Vredenburg

Pastor Joseph Philander of the Assemblies of God (AOG) in Vredenburg and also a pastoral worker in service of Industrial Ministry, helps to run a feeding programme. Although he and his wife haven’t personally received any food parcels, parcels have been delivered in some areas.

Pastor Philander and his wife are feeding children in the area, once a week. The ingredients for this food comes from individuals who have been part of the feeding for a while now, and themselves as a couple.

“The evidence living in level 4 of this lock-down is quite visible on the streets with some getting back to work, and others having the freedom to do, to a certain extent, what they have been restricted to,” pastor Philander says. “When pondering about the changes around us, one can’t help thinking that there is a renewed appreciation for the things we have taken for granted. Things like the freedom to exercise, that we have a job, whether you hate being there or not. Interesting how we look at things differently when they have been taken from us, be it for a short while, and yet a ’’IT’S’’ been around almost a lifetime.

“Eileen and I are feeding the children and families in our community as we have done so often before, and surprisingly people are quite oblivious to the health measures that needed to be in place. I guess the proverbial, ’hunger will kill us first before COVID-19 has a chance to’ is true.

“Being as it may we continue to spread the news of being safe, keeping the distance, and feeding as many of the children that we can.

“Please pray with us for the promise of food parcels from our government to reach these struggling folk, this promise has not been realised
as of yet. Be encouraged as we trust in His unfailing love (Psalm 13). Keep safe, stay healthy.”

Joseph and Eileen Philander