Biblia’s Mercy Ministry Project – givers of hope in Kalk Bay

Veronika Petersen with one of the women who can provide food on the table once more.

“We thank the Lord for the food parcels that can be distributed every month,” says Marvin Petersen, Port Welfare Officer (PWO) of Biblia Kalk Bay and manager of the Mercy Ministry Project.

“It’s truly a great privilege to help those that are in need. In the past we received food from a supermarket that only lasted a day but now we are able to provide food that can last a month. We thank the Lord for donations that allow us to buy non-perishable food,” says Marvin who is assisted by his wife, Veronika when distributing these parcels to a number of fishermen, homeless and low-income families and individuals, as well as pensioners living on the street and in shelters.

Some of the people who benefited from the food parcels

The reason why the Mercy Ministry Project came into existence was not only to hand out food to those in dire need, but it is also aimed at providing social help like obtaining IDs, printing CVs and sharing of the Word through preaching and teaching. They also distribute Bibles and other Christian literature as needed.

“During these interactions it also provides us often with the opportunity to have deep personal conversations with these marginalised people,” says Marvin. “We often become aware of serious prayer requests. So, today we ask you to pray for Dorian – that he might get a place to stay. He is currently staying with friends but will need a place of his own very soon.”

People in need become aware of this project mainly by personal visits, the Kalk Kay Community Church, by word of mouth and the Bible Institute.

The social and environmental impact that Biblia’s  Mercy Ministry Project benefits the Kalk Bay community is immeasurable. “Our social responsibility is towards those who have less than us and to assist them in a humanitarian and holistic way,” says Marvin.

Your support for this wonderful initiative will be greatly appreciated.

Jaco Leeuwner (Biblia Coordinator)
sms/whatsapp 071 255 8977