Fruitful Partnerships in Kalk Bay

Biblia Kalk Bay, the Bible Institute (also in Kalk Bay) and the shelter at the back of Biblia, have formed a very fruitful partnership over the years.

The shelter was previously an old railway house next to the railways. Many of these shelter people often visit the Biblia kiosk for short visits, advise and prayers. Many of them also attend the Kalk Bay Community Church where Marvin Petersen, Port Welfare Officer of Biblia Kalk Bay, is also the pastor – the ideal to form an effective partnership between all these stakeholders.

As a result the Bible Institute students assist Pastor Marvin and Elder Brett on a weekly basis with Bible study as part of their practical work. There is a growing number of shelter clients that attend, and wonderful discipleship relationships are formed.  It is heart-warming to see that more than ten Bibles were distributed since June.

“A number of the people that attend the Thursday Bible study also joined other Bible studies we have in the week,” says Pastor Marvin. “This has emphasized the huge desire they have, to know the Lord and to experience the fellowship of other believers. We praise the Lord for working in the hearts of these broken and seeking believers living in the shelter.

“Please pray for accommodation and work opportunities for these special people.”


Jaco Leeuwner (Biblia Coordinator)
sms/whatsapp 071 255 8977