ICMA Partnership Crew Connect Conference

The promised summary on the ICMA Partnership Crew Connect Conference which Jaco Leeuwner, BIBLIA Cape Region Coordinator, attended in June can be read HERE .

This is a good summary and document to e.g. share with your respective Biblia Committees of what is happening in the Maritime Industry and pressure we feel in Biblia.

There is also a great documentary recently made by Al Jazeera which I watched last night on YouTube (25 min) to share (see beneath).

Remember, this information is not necessarily new to us as Biblia, but we need to keep informing our support base and new people to keep their interest and support. I trust you will find this helpful. It will also be emailed to Biblia Chaplains for distribution.

Blessings, Jaco Leeuwner
(BIBLIA Cape Region Coordinator)